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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Menopause Prayer and Care Journal

My Menopause Journey

I began my journey through menopause in 1989, shortly before my 38th birthday. I was told by my then male doctor that menopause was just in my head and that i was too young. My mother suggested that i go to another doctor. This time, i found a woman doctor. She was caring and let me talk for as long as i needed to about what i was feeling and what was happening to my body.

Over the years, i did research, read books, experimented with herbs, foods, exercises and began to feel better even though i was deep into menopause. I wrote this book starting in 1999 as a guide to help my friends and relatives cope with the trials of menopause.

The website for The Menopause Prayer and Care Journal is


Have a blessed day.

Evangelist Cookie Hunter