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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Altar Setup

How to Setup and Decorate a Home/Family Altar

By Evangelist Cookie Hunter
Revised, March 28, 2012

A Home/Family Altar is a place to go to for meditation, worship, prayer, devotion and/or bible study. It can be in an apartment, a home, a cabin, on a boat or anywhere you desire. You can use your choice of furniture. Decoration is your choice also. Make it beautiful. Make it a Holy place!

Things you will need:
Small Table or Cabinet
Cloth of your choice
Plants or Flowers 
Ancestral Pieces- Something given to you by a relative or that reminds you of them.
Bible or Prayer Book
Prayer List/Note pad
Chair or Pillow or Mat

1. Choose what you will use as an altar. This could be a favorite desk, an antique side table, a shelf of any material, a dresser, a cabinet or any solid surface that is study enough. I prefer to use wood, although I do have a shelf made of metal too. Wood is more natural and comes from the earth.

2. Choose where you will place your altar. It should be a place where there is little or no immediate traffic and you can sit or stand quietly without interruptions. This will decrease the likelihood that visitors or children will tamper with or otherwise upset your altar. If you wish to share your altar space with visitors, ask them not to touch things without asking you. 

3. Place your chosen items on your altar. The cloth can be whatever you like, just keep it within the realm of the spiritual. I have used  African prints, Lace and Satin for my coverings. I like to use the colors of Royalty, purple, gold, green, blue. Candles in brass or glass holders are ideal. You may feel the need to light them when you are in prayer or meditation. Incense is a nice addition and it fills the whole house with the aroma of spiritual sweetness.  A cross and/ or spiritual statutes or pictures of Jesus helps to visually be intuned to the Holy Spirit. I like to use Angels and Crystals too. It's your choice. Ancestral pieces can be Grandpas watch or Auntie’s gold necklace or your childhood hair clips. You can also include your certificates of accomplishments. Connecting your past to your future is an important part of your spiritual growth. A book of inspirational reading or a bible can be placed on your altar and used for meditation or study. I find that a prayer list is always helpful. It can be an index card or a sheet of paper or a note pad. When I pray for others, I always place there name on the prayer list in a decorative bowl on my altar. You can stand or may prefer to sit in a chair or on a mat or pillow on the floor during meditation, which is perfectly fine. I use a cabinet. It can store books and other resources which may come in handy for study and meditation.

4. When you have your altar set up, dedicate it. This will give it a specific purpose for prayer and meditation. Your personal prayer or dedication should be of your own words from your heart. Always approach and leave your altar in a spiritual posture. Enjoy your altar!