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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phlick, Phlack, Phlo.

Phlick, Phlack, Phlo


Evangelist Cookie Hunter

That bug off of me.
Hope he lands on his feet.

Take my arm back
From natures attack.

From yesterdays memories
To the next phase with ease.

My nature is ripe
For the sting of the bug of life.

My seed is ready to birth forth,
Draped in nectar
For such a time
As newness crowns today.

Phlick, Phlack, Phlo!
Moving, being, forging onward.
Today, the morning and the evening phorm.
Tomorrow, tomorrow.
Breaking, transcending forward.
The core of my heart spills out
Empty, fresh, new
Looking toward.

Serging, seeking
Hoping, dreaming
What will it be this time?

Coursing to rhyme

Choosing to find
Just one more time.





©Evangelist Cookie Hunter December 29, 2010

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